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A 144 m3 mixing stage designed for mixing feature films, documentaries or animation for all formats (TV, Cinema 5.1 or 7.1). 

Equipped with an Avid Dock & Avid S1 (x2) mixing console, 16 faders, full EUCON on ProTools HDX. 

The acoustics of the studio have been designed to meet “Dolby” standards. In order to be as close as possible to the listening conditions of 5.1 cinemas, the monitoring section of the studio is provided by JBL Bi-Amplified speakers and adjusted to “Dolby” standards by digital Equalizer from an Avid MTRX studio. 


Pro Tools Ultimate with Avid HDX

Display monitors: 32” x 2

Plug-ins: Stratus 3D Surround, Slapper, Fabfilter Pro, Harrison MPC, Avid Pro, McDSP SA2 & Futzbox, Izotope RX10

Projection screen: 3.8 m x 2 m

Listening monitoring: Avid MTRX studio (managed from DADMAN) 

Speakers: JBL C211, JBL 3635, JBL 8330

Amplifiers: Crown

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Sound post production for film & TV

Tallinn - Estonia

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