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Acousmatic is a Sound Post-production studio based in Tallinn, Estonia. 



-Sound design & Sound supervision

-Sound editing


-Dialogue editing (Restoration, noise reduction and repair)

-Re-Recording mix (7.1, 5.1, Stereo, LCR, Mono)

Acousmatic is lead by mexican Sound designer & Re-recording Mixer Israel Bañuelos M.P.S.E. His collaboration with filmmakers and participation in film reaches an extensive network worldwide. Which makes his body of work fruitfully dynamic and diverse.

The endeavor of having collaborations all around the globe has driven him to associate with other sound artists that work together hand in hand with Acousmatic, bringing in people to share their talent is a key element that makes Acousmatic unique.

You can find Israel Bañuelos's full credits at:


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